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[textbox title=”WHO WE ARE” title_color=”#303030″ title_fontsize=”32″ text_under_align=”center” text_content=”EpicoMedia cares about their customers and their opinions. We feel that Vitrine is enhanced but we are also willing to hear from you. We want you to love Vitrine as much as we do.” content_align=”center” content_fontsize=”14″ text_content_color=”#515151″]
[iconbox_left title=”Fast Delivery” title_color=”#242424″ content_text=”We are proud to announce that we deliver good worldwide, no matter which continent you live in” content_color=”#727272″ icon=”rocket” icon_color=”#333333″ icon_animation=”fade-in-left”]
[iconbox_left title=”Customer Service” title_color=”#242424″ content_text=”We provide 24/7 customer services, these services include, refunds, order tracking, goods damage and lost products” content_color=”#727272″ icon=”earth” icon_color=”#333333″ icon_animation=”fade-in-bottom” icon_animation_delay=”200″]
[iconbox_left title=”Originality Guaranteed” title_color=”#242424″ content_text=”We guarantee that every product you buy from our store is original and you can press charges if it proved not to be true” content_color=”#787878″ icon=”barcode3″ icon_color=”#4753ff” icon_animation=”fade-in-right”]
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