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With the rapid rise of smartphone and tablet usage, responsive designs have evolved into an absolute necessity for eCommerce businesses, playing a critical role in the success of large and small brands alike. So your website needs to utilizes a mobile-friendly responsive design.

In the world of eCommerce, you have less than 7 seconds to create a strong first impression, and in order to do that, the design and layout of your homepage needs to be nothing short of stunning. Pull in more customers and improve conversions with an exquisite home page design.

Excellent product pages feature simple, aesthetically pleasing designs that help convert visitors into buyers. Your product pages are the backbone of your online store, and as such, serve a vital role in assuring and motivating customers that your product is what they need.

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[iconbox_custom title=”Pro Team” title_color=”#ffffff” icon=”users” icon_color=”#ffffff” content_text=”The team is relatively new to Themeforest, but their background in theme developing and design roots back to years of practice and experience.” border_color=”#2f2f2f” bg_color=”#2f2f2f” bg_hover_color=”#aeb3b7″ hover_style=”style2″]
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[testimonial testimonial_color_preset=”custom” testimonial_color=”#494949″ testimonial_animation=”fade-in” testimonial_animation_delay=”150″][testimonial_item image_url=”19″ author=”John Doe” job=”Photographer” text=”This is the best theme for photographers out there who want stylish website that is easy to use too.”][testimonial_item image_url=”19″ author=”Jane Doe” job=”Editor” text=”One of the simplest themes, actually the best theme ever, I have never bought such great theme from ThemeForest.”][/testimonial]